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Immune Boosting effects of Exercise

Regular exercise helps regulate the immune system.

How does exercise help enhance your immune response?

In a nutshell: Physical activity increases blood flow, which has the immediate effect of releasing and distributing immune cells throughout the body. This, of course, is a simplistic answer. The full scope of mechanisms involved in improving your immune protection are much more complex. For avid exercisers, it is important to note that fatigue from over exertion is detrimental to your immune system function. It is therefore key to balance rest and recuperation with physical activity. However, most Americans are not moving enough. Read below for more important reasons to stay physically active.

Studies have shown the following benefits:

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Neck Muscles need regular stretching.

Maintaining flexible neck muscles may delay the onset of arthritic discomforts and reduce some causes of pinched nerves and headaches.


The trapezius and levator scapulae are important neck muscles that connect your head and neck
to your shoulder blades. They are responsible for shrugging the shoulders, as well as tilting and rotating your head. This short article discusses why and how to stretch these shoulder and neck muscles to reduce pain and discomfort in the head, neck, and shoulder areas.

Ever notice when your stressed:

1- How your shoulders seem to lift towards your ears?

2- How tense you get in the area between the ear and the top of the shoulder? i.e. That knot you get on the top of your shoulders.

The following two moves will help reduce the buildup of tension in these muscles. You should understand that maintaining flexible neck muscles may delay the onset of arthritic discomforts and reduce some causes of pinched nerves and headaches. read more…

NEW COVID-19 Precautions

 Read below for all the details.

COVID-19 safety measures for Massage Therapy 

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Thank you for visiting Healthy Moves. In the interest of protecting you, myself and everyone coming through my work space, I have implemented the following procedures. Please read through these procedures and feel free to comment or ask questions regarding any concerns. Thank you. (more…)

Belly Breathing for Stress Reduction and Vibrant Health.

vibrant health with proper breathing

Re-establishing a normal breathing pattern, with proper diaphragm activity, is vital to your health for the following reasons:

  1. It provides proper oxygen delivery to your body.
  2. It allows you to use your lungs to their fullest extent.
  3. The wave-like motion imparted by the diaphragm massages and mobilizes your thoracic and abdominal organs, helping to optimize their function!
  4. It helps circulation to and from your heart.
  5. It assists circulation of lymph, a key component of your immune system.
  6. Bringing awareness to diaphragmatic breathing is a useful stress reduction tool, which can help reduce headaches, anxiety and chronic pain read more…

Paying Attention to your Breathing

demonstrating position of paying attention to breathingWhy pay attention to your breathing?

1. It brings our attention inwards to ourselves.

We must be accepting and kind to ourselves in order to move forward in our lives in a healthy balance.

2. It allows for self discovery. 

Only by stopping to listen will we see, feel and hear how our bodies are asking for help.

3. It allows us to slow down and recalibrate.

This gives us an opportunity to reestablish balance and re-energize. ( There is much science supporting this statement. I am working on writing easy to understand explanations for the physiology behind balanced, effective breathing. Which will be posted in this blog soon.)

4. It provides a much needed distraction from the outside world.

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Increasing your “Happy” Hormone Naturally

image of serotonin and a smiing brain

The Happy Hormone

Serotonin is a molecule that acts as a hormone and a neurotransmitter, which is essential in mental and physical health. It is a key component of good immune function (1). Serotonin is associated with positive mood. It is our ‘feel good‘ or ‘happy‘ hormone.

I write this article to inform you that there are proactive ways to positively modify your serotonin levels. 

Research shows that adequate blood levels of serotonin are associated with positive moods and people with low levels tend to be prone to anxiety and depression.

“…negative emotions were associated with increased disability due to mental and physical disorders, increased incidence of depression, increased suicide and increased mortality up to 2 decades later. Positive emotions protected against these outcomes.” (2)

In 2007, Dr Simon Young, PhD, editor in chief of the Journal of Psychiatry and Neuroscience wrote an editorial “How to increase serotonin in the human brain without drugs” (2).

Here is a brief summary. read more…

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Happiness... We all want it. Here are some thoughts on how to foster more.
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Happiness... We all want it. Here are some thoughts on how to foster more.

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